Milk Vs. Cats

By November 28, 2012Projects

In Milk vs Cats, players are challenged to use their balance and reflexes to avoid spilling their glass of milk when hungry cats attack.
The game uses the phone’s accelerometer to allow the player to tilt the phone and dodge obstacles to avoid spilling their glass. As enemies approach, players must push them away – with points being awarded for how long you keep the milk upright and how many enemies you defeat.
Milk vs Cats has two gameplay options – casual and active. The casual version allows you to play stationary, while seated or standing, and creates the illusion of walking within the game. The active version enables you to play while on the go in your schoolyard, backyard or at home – using the device’s camera to integrate the player’s real life surroundings. The device’s GPS system is also used, to determine the distance travelled and accordingly, the points collected.
Milk vs Cats was created in partnership with Ayogo and Dare (an advertising agency) for The Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership. The game is compatible with the iPhone and the iPod touch.
[buttonp]It is available for download now.[/buttonp]