Empower Patients to take Control of their Health

Empower™ is a digital platform for healthcare organizations that helps patients manage chronic illness. Empower bridges the gap between you and your patients. Empower helps you do a better job of communicating with and educating patients to empower health outcomes.

Empower starts with the heart. Even the best advice can be hard to take. Empower uses positive psychology, behavioral economics, persuasive technology and health gamification. It motivates and sustains behavior change as patients work toward their goals. Goals are broken down into small daily actions. Your educational content is delivered in a fun and social context. Using elements of Playful design Empower motivates people to adopt healthy new habits and reach their health goals.

A Curriculum of Habit Change

Empower™ is a chronic illness management tool that helps motivate patients to adopt a self-management program that includes medication and lifestyle. The Empower™ framework supports doctor-prescribed plans, or allows the patient to create a customized curriculum of activities that support progress toward a health goal. Empower establishes a digital, behavior change contract populated with daily activities tied to their goals. The social features motivate players to return day after day, and gamification builds investment over time. Empower™ rewards players’ persistence in following their treatment program and helps them visualize their progress.  Virtual coaching, reminders and provider-to-patient communication turn Empower into a digital experience that has been shown in clinical trials to improve health outcomes.

Get Started Fast

The Empower™ platform can be rapidly customized to make new habit-building applications. A Persuasive Technology for healthcare systems, Empower guides patients using Loss Aversion, unlocking content, reminders and progressive challenge. It has a suite of game elements, such as levels, points systems and virtual goods or badge collections. Optional off-the-shelf minigames, virtual coaching, and nearly a dozen social features can be customized to your service delivery context. Every white label Empower project can have a custom theme and narrative. The Empower™ platform has already been adapted for patients dealing with type 2 diabetes, obesity & bariatric surgery preparation, insomnia, and illnesses subject to injection fatigue.

Your Content, Brand & Use Case

We build applications to facilitate social connections for patients. Empower™ achieves effectiveness using self-efficacy: the player sets her own goals and Empower™ helps her to achieve them. Social support incorporates friends, family, clinicians and other patients into your plan. The psychology of games harnesses the power of play to the habituation process keeping it fun and motivational. Education: Empower™ doesn’t just remind you what you should be doing: it teaches you why.

Target Specific Outcomes

The Ayogo Empower™ platform helps you target health outcomes and support a broad range of patient profiles and health goals. Making use of proven psychological triggers, our applications deliver the patient results you need. Whether your objective is to educate, improve patient satisfaction, increase adherence to medication and treatment, or develop healthy lifestyle habits, we deliver apps that can be tailored to suit your patients’ needs.

See for yourself how Empower™ can be applied to a variety of health conditions.